Game Minecraft: Pixel Zombies online


Game Minecraft: Pixel Zombies online.

Cool shooter in the style of Minecraft. Here you will be in the role of the person who must defend the streets of the city of London from the attack of large pixel zombies. These zombies have large square heads or even a square torso. Your task is to go outside and shoot yourself independently from the zombies and hold out as long as possible. Your character can use different types of weapons, such as: pistol, machine gun, machine gun, chainsaw and more. Run away from bloodthirsty zombies and at the same time shoot at them. The more pixel zombies you kill, the more weapons you can buy in the store. To get started, buy two pistols, then collect under the machine gun and so on. Go through level after level and try to stay alive. Run into the shops to at least for a while hide from the chase and take a break. In one of the shops you can buy a bait for zombies. Throwing the bait, you distract the attention of all zombies, and if the bait is expensive, then it can also explode. Pump up your character and kill all the zombies to one. Good luck

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