Game Minecraft: Digger Game online


Game Minecraft: Digger Game online.

Everyone loves the game Minecraft because it needs to dig something or dig it! In this game, you will play the main character of the cubic world - Steve. He decided to engage in excavations at great depths, for which he was nicknamed - "Digger". When playing the game, you need to destroy the blocks, clearing the way further and further, making your way deeper into the bowels of the earth. The main goal of the digger is to find a treasure hidden at a depth of 4 thousand meters underground. So start digging! Choose the direction of your character, he can only move down and to the side. Among ordinary blocks of rocks, various bonuses can come across, namely: bombs, energy and precious stones. The deeper you can climb, the more money you earn and you can buy improvements for a pickaxe, energy and bombs. With each moment of your deepening, the soil will become more solid and digging will become more difficult, but not for a real digger! Play Minecraft Digger and try to get to the maximum depth to get a valuable treasure!

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