Game Game Minecraft Parking online


Game Game Minecraft Parking online.

Do you love Minecraft so much? Then let's play an amazing 3D game - Minecraft Parking! You will find yourself driving a car from the Minecraft world and will control it. The main task is to drive the car from the start to the indicated place, and then park it correctly in the parking lot. During the movement, you should try to rob all the stars, as well as complete the task set for you on time. In the Minecraft world, everything is made up of blocks and it’s really cool! Drive a car and drive through the parking lot bypassing trees, walls, curbs and other cars. You are given some time to complete each level, so you have to drive fast. Caution will not hurt you, because inadvertently you can catch on something and get a fine. Earned stars can be spent on opening new levels, as well as buying new cars. Park slowly and drive into your seat very evenly so as not to hurt other cars. Good luck

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