Game Minecraft Scuba Game online


Game Minecraft Scuba Game online.

Once, you flew on your ship through space, when suddenly your ship broke down and you fell on an alien, unknown planet. Now, to return home you need to repair your ship in any way, but it will not be so simple. To create (craft) parts you need materials that can be located both on the surface of the island and deep under water. The game reminds everyone of the well-known Minecraft, where you need to collect various resources and craft any devices and mechanisms from them, only here you play as a scuba diver. As it turned out, there are many minerals on this planet, and that’s what they need to be used to fix the spaceship. Use game tips and recipes for turning some materials into others. Dive under water and start collecting the necessary materials. For this, the diver will use a special mining laser, which extracts the necessary rocks. It is worth monitoring the supply of oxygen, because if you go down to a greater depth, oxygen will be consumed very quickly. Oxygen reserves can be increased with improvements in the store. You can also improve the supply of electric batteries for your flashlight. Having improved well, you will be able to dive very deeply, so that is where you will find the most useful breeds and resources. Returning to the surface to the ship, use the collected resources to create the necessary parts, then to create a new engine for your ship. Real fans of minecraft will certainly enjoy this game, because here you also need to collect resources and create new parts from them.

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