Game Minecraft: Dungeon Game online


Game Minecraft: Dungeon Game online.

The adventures of Steve continue! In the game "Minecraft: Dungeon", you will go to a mysterious place that has many surprises in store for you. Ahead of you are waiting for sixteen exciting levels. From the first level, you will find yourself in a stone dungeon. To pass the level you need to find a way out of the stone knotted corridors. Sometimes for this you have to search the rooms in search of keys. In your arsenal there will be a bow, which will become your best assistant when meeting with monsters. There will be plenty of monsters in the dungeon: creepers are creepy green mobs; Gastas - flying mobs that shoot fire from their mouths; and also, slugs are jumping green cubes that explode before they die. Some of them can be reborn endlessly. To stop this you need to destroy the box from which the mobs appear. If the enemy managed to attack you, you need to find a piece of meat and make up for your lost health. Adventure awaits! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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