Game Minecraft Defense 2 game online


Game Minecraft Defense 2 game online.

Today we have the second part of the game - Minecraft Defense 2. We have improved it specifically for you. Let's get back to the game itself. After our hero Steve sailed to an uninhabited island, not a little time passed, but evil monsters began to make their way to him again. Steve needs to reassemble resources and build defensive fortifications in a cubic world in order to survive. And so, for starters, you have to make the way home, try to spin it as best as possible so that the zombies, spiders and skeletons go longer. Next, we put in their path various obstacles and turrets. You can do a lot of things to hold mobs. When you kill all the waves of creepers, you will have access to the second level, which will change the interface, it will be possible to buy a turret that shoots eggs, then the third, fourth and fifth levels will go. On them you can buy more and more new obstacles, as well as the most powerful defensive guns. You can also upgrade your turrets to a certain level: damage power, flight length, and reload speed. If you improve one turret to the maximum, then it will kill mobs immediately, which will greatly simplify the game. If the mobs nevertheless overcome your obstacles, do not despair, they will take only one life, and you have six of them.

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