Game Minecraft: Tower Defense online


Game Minecraft: Tower Defense online.

If you have ever played Minecraft, then you will definitely like this game. The essence of the game is this: you have a house, it is your tower. Which you must protect. But before you start defending you need to dig a road to your tower. For a better detention of mobs (creepers, zombies, skeletons), we recommend making the road winding and at the very corners of the gyrus to put your own defense. Protection can be different: water that delays mobs, lava that burns them, cacti that cause damage if they come across them. There are also 4 types of turrets, as it were, such protective guns: the first shoots eggs at mobs, the second shoots snowballs, the third shoots arrows and the fourth most effective shoots fireballs. Well, let's say we take and trap water, and near it a turret with arrows. And it turns out that the zombie falls into the water, stops for a while there and the turret kills him. Everything is very simple. But this is only at first glance. Then, upon reaching a large number of points, the number of zombies increases and their speed of movement. Even if one zombie has reached your house, then do not despair, he will take only 1 life out of 6. The fate of your home is only in your hands, do not forget about it, try to protect it with all your might.

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