Game Minecraft: Skycraft online


Game Minecraft: Skycraft online.

Minecraft: Skycraft is a brand new creative voxel adventure game made in WebGL and is a clone of the famous game - Minecraft. Exploring the area is now even easier and more interesting! The Skycraft world consists of hundreds of floating islands of various types and sizes that hang in the sky. Each island is unique and contains various blocks, a number of monsters, plants, caves and more. You have a huge amount of opportunities. You can extract resources, destroy the already created parts of the island, collect blocks of various rocks and build your own structures from them. By extracting blocks from various islands you can create yourself a big house, or a monument, a castle or a cave. Since the blocks have different sizes, from 1st to 64th, your constructions and buildings can be very detailed. Do not forget about your own safety, you are not alone! There are monsters on the Skycraft islands who will always be happy to see and attack you. Build your own buildings, fortresses and everything that comes to mind. Defend yourself and get more resources. Build the island of your dreams and have a paddle!

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