Game Game Minecraft Clone 3D online


Game Game Minecraft Clone 3D online.

Today we present one of the largest copies of Minecraft in flash games, based on the new HTML5 technology. You will not believe your eyes that this is possible, but we did it specifically for you - Minecraft Clone 3D. This game has everything from simple blocks with earth to a wide variety of flowers, plants and rocks and minerals. It is possible to obtain resources, food, materials and dispose of them as you like. Starting the game you appear in a randomly created world. There may be mountains, palm trees, water, flowers, grass and more. You have complete freedom of action, namely: run, jump, break any blocks and pick them up in your inventory. At first, we try to collect all the resources, and then build from them any building that you want. Building a house will be a great activity that will not let you get bored. After collecting more materials, Steve can begin construction. The foundation can be made of darker rocks, and their walls are lighter. Inside the house you can do everything in your own way and it's really cool! 3D world of minecraft is a wonderful place where everyone can find for themselves entertainment and arrange everything the way they want. All the features of this game make it fun and interesting!

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