Game Game Copy Minecraft online


Game Game Copy Minecraft online.

There are very few people who do not know about Minecraft. From now on, you can play a real copy of Minecraft, which was created on the basis of a real game! This copy does not have everything, but the main thing is that it is possible to create your own world to your liking. 3D game "Copy Minecraft" takes you to a huge world consisting of cubes. All cubes are the same size, but consist of different species, such as: earth, water, stone, flowers, wood, brick and more. Your hero has not only a pickaxe, but even a sword. This copy of Minecraft even has mobs, such as pigs, which you can kill and get meat from them. Having selected the necessary blocks in your inventory, you can begin the construction of your own house or any other building. You can build completely different constructions from blocks, such that you have enough imagination for. You can build a huge bunker, a water pool or an underground cave in which all your treasure chests will be hidden. The game even has daily tasks and the ability to save the game. Play and do not forget to feed your character, otherwise he will die. Good luck

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