Game Game Minecraft Classic 3D online


Game Game Minecraft Classic 3D online.

The Minecraft Classic 3D game is the oldest original version of Minecraft, which is now available for playing in the browser. It's been 10 years, and Minecraft, as before, remains one of the most popular games. In this famous game, you only have access to the classic mode, which does not support crafting, melting, items, and more. There are no many functions and there are no features familiar to us that are available in the full version of Minecraft, but the game supports the game mode with a friend. Classic Minecraft has no limits, so you can create and build anything you can think of. For construction, you have as many as 32 different blocks available, which you can always find in your bag (inventory), which opens by pressing the B key. Control your character with the help of special keys on the keyboard. Install and destroy blocks with the mouse. In the beginning, as always, you find yourself on an automatically generated map on which there are mountains and lakes, as well as trees, sandy islands and more. Here you can run, relax and even live. You can do the construction of a house, a fence, a bunker, or something else. If it becomes boring, you can dig an underground tunnel and find a cave there, equip it for yourself and just have a cool time. Use all available blocks to completely change the landscape on the map to your liking. You can run, jump, smash and put all kinds of blocks, swim under water or become a real builder! After creating the game, you need to copy the automatically generated link and send it to a friend. Having entered the game using your link, the player gets on your card and you play together! You can invite no more than 9 players. Good luck

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