Game Game Lego City: New Year Ride online


Game Game Lego City: New Year Ride online.

The famous gang of thieves is back in business. A wave of rumors went around Lego City that petty and malicious thieves appeared in the city. This time they aimed their dirty little hands at New Year's gifts. Police captain Chase McCain was informed that on New Year's Eve the gang decided to steal all the gift from the city hall. Now Chase is aware of their dirty tricks. A brave policeman hurries to an operation to capture the criminals. In the game "Lego City: New Year Ride", you will be sitting behind the wheel of a snowmobile. You need not only to overtake the thief, but also to catch all the gifts. After seeing the law enforcement officer, the offender put so much pressure on the gas that he began to lose gifts right along the road. Collect all the gifts, otherwise the New Year will be spoiled and the children will be left without their long-awaited gifts. Good luck

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