Game Game Lego City: Forest Firefighters online


Game Game Lego City: Forest Firefighters online.

There was a misfortune in Lego City. A series of fires occurred in the forest. A brigade of forest firefighters immediately went there. But there were so many hotbeds of fire, and in order to eliminate them, they had to call for air help. In the Lego City: Forest Firefighters game, you will pacify the flames that engulfed the forest. You need to get directions from the fire truck to the place of the fire. Then the car will come and put out the fire. But you must carefully monitor the water level in the car. After all, if it ends, then you will not be able to eliminate the fire and you will have to spend precious time on replenishing water supplies. Later you can put out the forest with two fire engines at the same time. But sometimes there will be a lot of fires and it will be difficult to cope with all this at the same time. Then you need to collect some blue lego bricks to call for help the helicopter. He will fly in and put out the whole fire. Have a good game!

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