Game Game Lego City: Police Chase online


Game Game Lego City: Police Chase online.

Now you will be part of an exciting chase. One of the most dangerous criminals escaped from prison and immediately committed a series of crimes. The bandit hijacked a car, robbed several large supermarkets and disappeared into the woods. In the game "Lego City: Police Chase", you will be in charge of the operation to capture the offender. The persecution will be conducted on the ground and in the air. You will encounter obstacles along the way. That jet from the geyser will hit the helicopter and you have to use the machine to cover the earth’s gap with a stone. That whole pile of stone boulders will block the path, and a helicopter will remove them from the path. The main thing is to collect lego bricks to disperse and beware of obstacles in the form of umbrellas, trees and blocked sections of the road. After all, all this will slow you down. Have a good game!

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