Game Game Lego City: My City 2 online


Game Game Lego City: My City 2 online.

There is one fantastically interesting and unusual town on Earth called Lego City. Minifigures of various ages and classes live there. Every day in the city there are some events. Life here is not boring. We want to introduce you to this town in all its glory. In the game "Lego City: My City 2", you can learn from your own experience how bright and eventful it can be just one day. You will be able to plunge into the fun and eventful life of this beautiful little town. In each separate part of the city a new game awaits you. You can ride on cool cars and catch a couple of not very reasonable thieves. Also, you can try yourself in the role of a fireman. Or maybe you want to learn how to fly an airplane? Then, you can do it in Lego City. But that is not all. You can visit the volcano and collect details that will help you build the building. You can also visit the lighthouse and other parts of Lego City. For each mini-game you will be awarded points for those details that you will be able to collect there. Thanks to them you can build buildings and discover new games. And if you are interested in the life of this wonderful city, then you can easily become a part of it. To do this, you can create your personal Lego figure and thus slightly increase the population of Lego City. Have a good game!

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