Game Game Yum Yum Fingers online


Game Game Yum Yum Fingers online.

Do you hear how delicious it smells? No? But the monsters from the game "Yum Yum Fingers" this delicious aroma of human fingers already smells with might and main. To protect your fingers and escape from hungry monsters you need to demonstrate the wonders of agility and resourcefulness. In the game you need to hold down the mouse button and rush forward dodging hungry monsters, which are a dime a dozen. In addition to them, many dangers in the form of traps and obstacles await you here. Cleverly bypass the spiky spikes and dodge the monsters who will strive to grab your finger and eat it. During this crazy race, you will collect gold coins that can be spent on new products in the store. “Yum Yum Fingers” is a cool skill game for true hardcore and thrill lovers. Good luck

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