Game Game Another Charge online


Game Game Another Charge online.

Do you guys want to test yourself for speed and reaction? Then, welcome to the game "Another Charge", where you have to demonstrate your skills. You will play a small, but very quick and nimble point. She will move very quickly, but this is not the key to success. You need to overcome the maximum distance by moving around circular spheres. It would seem that it could be simpler, but this is far from the case. There are obstacles on every sphere, and a collision with some of them will lead to the death of your point. Also, each sphere will begin to narrow as soon as the point is on it. That is why you must act quickly and clearly, otherwise it will instantly crush you. Only agility, speed and lightning fast reaction will help you overcome all obstacles and become a real champion who can handle any difficulties. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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