Game Game Sky Jump online


Game Game Sky Jump online.

In the game "Sky Jump" you will find a sea of u200bu200badrenaline and thrills. Your character will be an unlucky kid who got into trouble. You need to help him stay on stable platforms for as long as possible. You will jump from one platform to another, but this will require maximum agility and concentration on the task. Many platforms will come with a surprise. Blocks with cracks will crumble right under your feet, burning platforms can burn you, but green blocks will help you jump high. See that on platforms where you jump there are no dangerous creatures, because they can kill you or throw you down. Periodically, missiles will fly in the sky, which must be avoided. Also, be careful and attentive when the platforms change their direction. Stone blocks will move from top to bottom and can flatten you if you are gaping. This game will require you to maximize speed, quick reaction and skill. Good luck

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