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Game Game Clock online.

In the game "Watch" you have to become a real dodger. We always used a watch to find out what time it is. But today, the watch will serve us for a completely different matter. Namely for an unusual game. In total, the game has two modes - quest and survival. Choose what your heart desires and get down to business. In quest mode, you have to go through fifty levels. You will see several dials. All will be white and only one black. It will be he who will be the most important. The hands on the black dial will go at a crazy pace and you need to shoot when the hand is directed to another watch. If you hit correctly, the watch will turn black and you will continue to play. It will not be easy, but using all your speed and quick reaction you can achieve victory. In survival mode, you will play until you lose. Make every effort to play as long as possible and become a real champion. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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