Game Game Tower of Food online


Game Game Tower of Food online.

Welcome to the Tower of Food game! Have you ever heard of the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Do you want to build your tower from food? Try to build the highest tower of meat and cheese that you can. The game is a puzzle and will test your dexterity very well. After the start of the game, square pieces of food will be served on the table, and you must stack them one on one to get a stack. Try to stack the pieces evenly one on top of the other, otherwise they will be quickly and severely trimmed, which means their size will decrease. Build the tower as high as possible until the pieces of food are completely tiny. For each piece you get money and you can spend it on buying new food in the store. At the beginning you will add up a tower of food from a burger, then breakfast, sushi, cakes and other food will go. Open all new food, buy bonuses and build the highest towers. Good luck

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