Game Game Fruit Master 2 online


Game Game Fruit Master 2 online.

The game "Fruit Master 2" is a continuation of the famous game in which we need to cut fruits to create a fruit cocktail. How many fruits will have to be cut with a knife to get a full glass of juice? Let's start playing! The game has a level boost, which increases the earned coins. With each new start of the game, moving fruits appear on the game screen, and below is your knife, which you must throw so that it cuts more fruits. Each good throw adds coins to your account, and also fills a glass with juice. Carefully prepare for each of the shots so as not to miss. Having collected 100 coins, you can unlock a new knife and this is really cool, because you can collect a whole collection of them and they will all be unique. Play and have fun! Can you reach level 100?

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