Game Game Racing Ball online


Game Game Racing Ball online.

Are you guys ready for a dizzying run? Then, welcome to the game "Racing Ball". To start and start the game you should choose one bright ball, and the rest can be bought over time. It is one of them that will become your main character. There are fifty two levels ahead of you, where your best helpers and faithful companions will be speed, dexterity and quick reaction. The ball will rush forward automatically, and you, in turn, must help him turn in time and not fall off the platform. At first it will be very easy, but with each level it will be more and more difficult, but it is this that can arouse excitement among players. Try to deftly turn and drift on tight turns. A quick response will help you avoid falling over the edge of the platform. If the ball falls into the abyss, then you lose and you have to start the level again. Show a little perseverance and victory will be in your pocket. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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