Game Ninjagon game online


Game Ninjagon game online.

In the game "Ninjagon" you have to meet a guy who wants to become an unsurpassed fighter. Now he is studying with one eminent ninja master. He must teach the youth all the secrets of the eastern warriors, and turn him into a tough soldier. Are you ready to help him with this? Then, we begin! Before you gain the strength and knowledge that a true ninja needs, you need to improve your speed and reaction. The reaction of the ninja is simply lightning fast, which allows him to be invisible to the enemy. You will walk along the bar with obstacles. Large sticks with soft upholstery at the tips will hang above you. You need to deftly maneuver between them and try not to get hit, because they will move. During the game you will collect gold coins and colored belts. Each belt displays a new combat rank. Reaching the black belt, you will turn into the most agile, fast and invincible ninja warrior. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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