Game Game Ball Jump Up! online


Game Game Ball Jump Up! online.

Are you ready for new dizzying adventures? Then, welcome to the Ball Jumps Up game! " Here you have to masterfully demonstrate your skills in speed and quick reaction. You will play with a small white ball. He will jump and spring in one place, and platforms will circle above him. Your task is to help the ball get to the top platform and not die. To do this, you must jump onto platforms in transparent places. It is there that the structure is the most fragile and it is there that it can be broken. If you manage to quickly overcome several platforms in a row, then the ball will become fiery and you will have a chance of a mistake. Sometimes you will see thorns. They will move in a circle. Try to avoid them, so as not to lose. Ahead of you will find many fun levels and new peaks. Become a real king of the mountain! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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