Game Game Sling Drift online


Game Game Sling Drift online.

An exciting and fast addictive game of speed and reaction - "Sling Drift". You have to drift on your car moving along an endless track, which will be a lot of turns. Management in the game is quite simple, to complete the turn, you just need to press and hold the mouse button so that the machine clings to the rope and starts to perform a beautiful skid on the turn. The more turns you can pass with success, the more gems you get. They can be spent on buying a new car in the store menu. Do you like to drift? Then start playing now! Press the mouse at the right time during each turn to complete the most successful skid. Try to drive as far as possible without accidents and set your personal records for the number of turns completed. The farther you drive, the faster the pace of the game, which means the difficulty increases. Consider yourself a pro? Then try to play!

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