Game Game Spa manicure for Ariel online


Game Game Spa manicure for Ariel online.

Now that the little mermaid Ariel has become human, she wants to try everything! Ariel decided to start with a spa manicure so that her nails look beautiful. You must help the little mermaid, because she still does not know much. In order for Ariel's pens to be soft and velvet, you need to do some spa treatments. Put the cream on your hands, then rinse everything in the bath and dry your hands with a towel. Next, you need to prepare the nails for a manicure, make the desired shape, polish the nail plate so that it looks clean. Now that your hands and nails are clean, you can move on to manicure. Try to make Ariel a beautiful manicure so that her first impressions are good. Good luck

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