Game Game Kisses: The Secret of the Siren online


Game Game Kisses: The Secret of the Siren online.

From ancient times, sirens were considered evil creatures. Sea monsters attracted sailors with sweet singing and a simple traveler sailed towards his death. But once an incredible thing happened. A beautiful siren fell in love with a sailor. But the love of man and the magical creature was forbidden. Help the sad beauty to see her beloved. In the game "Kisses: The Secret of the Siren", a siren and a sailor dream of kissing each other. Feelings swept the lovers, but the siren sisters are always on the line. You need to make sure that no one is watching, and then you can kiss with all your heart. The main thing is to fill out a ribbon of kisses and do it without extra eyes. To earn extra points and not lose a life, you will need to play with sea friends. Have a good game!

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