Game Game Secret Kiss online


Game Game Secret Kiss online.

Ryan and Jenny go on their first date today. Jenny has long been crazy about this young man. Well, how could it be otherwise if he is so handsome, courageous, strong and smart. The girl had long dreamed of kissing him. I’ll tell you a secret that Ryan also really wants to kiss the beauty. And finally, today will be their first date. And today their first kiss will happen. But this important event should happen without prying eyes. So you have to really try to go unnoticed. In the game "Secret Kiss" you must help this glorious couple kiss. But you need to keep everything a secret, because the first kiss is a real mystery. You must press a key and give the green light to the kiss. But be careful. As - just notice the strangers, immediately stop kissing until Ryan and Jenny are spotted. Have a good game!

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