Game Game Kisses: Sweet Egypt online


Game Game Kisses: Sweet Egypt online.

Egypt is an amazing place. This country keeps hundreds of secrets of ancient civilizations and powerful pharaohs. Among the sands, the ancient pyramids lost in time, in which the secrets of centuries and millennia lie. In one of these pyramids, two archaeologists met. A young girl from childhood was fond of antiquities, and the guy, as far as he remembered, simply raved about history and ancient relics. It was on this basis that the guys began to communicate and share knowledge. After a couple of days, serious feelings flared up between them. In the game "Kisses: Sweet Egypt", you will become a small Egyptian Cupid and help consolidate the love of young hearts with a long-awaited kiss. Just see that no one sees the guys. Also, you can carefully move away the evil mummy with a stick, which will constantly try to steal the boy. Good luck

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