Game Game Fairy Fairy Kiss online


Game Game Fairy Fairy Kiss online.

The world is full of miracles and magic. And now you are personally convinced of this. A misfortune happened in a distant forest. The forest began to die little by little. The trees crumbled, the grass died out, the flowers stopped blooming. But forest fairies know how to save the forest. The power of love will help them in this. And of course you! Forest prince and fairy will save nature with the help of kisses. The longer the lovers kiss, the faster the forest will grow and beautiful flowers will grow. But fairies will be constantly disturbed by forest pranksters. They will spy every now and then. But we all know that the fairy-tale people are very shy and will never perform the sacraments with strangers. But when did this stop the bullies? In the game "Fairy Fairy Kiss" you need to protect the fairies from prying eyes. Click on the lovers and they will begin to kiss. But as soon as a frog, a forest devil or a troll appears, you must immediately stop the fairies, otherwise you will lose. Have a good game!

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