Game Bonfire Kisses game online


Game Bonfire Kisses game online.

Near your city is a forest. Thick, beautiful, with wonderful glades. Today you will go there with an overnight class. It will be a lot of fun. Bright bonfire, guitar songs, baked potatoes and horror stories. But most importantly, there will be a beloved guy nearby. In the game "Kisses by the Fire", you will spend together the whole evening. It was already dark. All the guys hid in their tents and are sleeping peacefully. Well, you can’t drive you, because such a romance is around. Nature itself calls for a kiss. But you’ll have to sneak a kiss, because there are prying eyes all around. If spotted, they will scold. In order not to lose, be careful not to fall under the watchful eye of the counselor. Have a good game!

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