Game Game Kiss of Anna and Kristoff online


Game Game Kiss of Anna and Kristoff online.

Anna and Kristoff decided to get married. Already in full swing preparing for the wedding. Lovers everywhere walk together and cannot tear themselves apart. But Elsa believes that Anna should observe the rules of decency and not kiss Kristoff before the wedding. A girl can not contradict her sister, because she really is a princess. But if you can’t, but really want to, then it means a little bit. In the game "Kiss of Anna and Kristoff," the couple still kiss. But he will do it secretly from Elsa and the rest. The main thing is that no one sees. Poke on young people to kiss. But make sure that they are not caught in the hot and stop right away when someone is looking at them. To successfully complete the level, you need to fill the magic tank with the power of a kiss. Once the job is done, you can get to the next level. Have a good game!

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