Game Game Kisses at Night online


Game Game Kisses at Night online.

Today, the guy and the girl had a great date. They had a wonderful meeting, took a walk in the park and ate generally a great evening. But all good things tend to end. Like this date, unfortunately. But do not lose heart, because the most beautiful thing is ahead - the first kiss. But there is one thing. Parents of the girl will look in both and watch their daughter. In the game "Kisses for the Night", you have to stretch yourself a little. The guy and the girl should kiss until the ribbon of kisses begins to go off scale from the burning passion. But the most important thing is that you should not be caught by the girl’s parents. Otherwise, the guy is not good. But in the most crucial moments a bonus will appear in the form of an arrow. By clicking on it you can hide from prying eyes and kiss further. Have a good game!

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