Game Kisses: Love at High School online


Game Kisses: Love at High School online.

School love is one of the most beautiful in the memory of every person. When the eyes look for that loved one, and the heart beats, like crazy. I want to kiss, kiss and kiss. But in the school corridor it is very difficult to do. After all, classmates and teachers go everywhere, and some may even shoot a kiss on the cell phone’s camera. But sometimes it’s hard to resist feelings and have to take a chance. In the game "Kisses: Love in High School", you will risk it. First you need to choose the difficulty mode: easy, medium or heavy. The more difficult the regime, the more people will be in the corridors. The most important thing is to kiss each other so much as to fill the entire ribbon of kisses. But try not to get caught by anyone. Otherwise, lose. Have a good game!

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