Game Game New York Crush online


Game Game New York Crush online.

New York is a city of contrasts. Millions of people of different nationalities and religions live here. But each of them loves his city, despite the great stampede and constant rush. There are so many interesting and wonderful people around that you can easily fall in love at first sight right on the street. This is exactly what happened with several young people right during working hours. In the game "New York Crush", you will play a beautiful girl who, just looking at her, can turn her head. Ahead of you are waiting for three levels of the game and three handsome guys. The first will be the builder. You have to get to the girl and kiss her while no one is watching. Sometimes a brick, a flowerpot, or a female shoe will fall from the window. Take away all this so that nothing falls on the poor man’s head. The next will be the biker and the novice businessman. Before our beauty no one can resist. After all, kisses are so beautiful! Have a good game!

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