Game Beauty and the Beast Kisses online


Game Beauty and the Beast Kisses online.

"Beauty and the Beast" is a cartoon beloved by all about love and kindness. Once, Belle's father got into trouble and the girls had to be imprisoned in the castle of a terrible and evil Monster. That was exactly what the beauty thought of him, but a little time passed and she saw his true soul. He was a kind, brave and very lonely person. It can only be conjured with a kiss of true love. In the game "Kisses of Beauty and the Beast", you will help a couple of lovers dispel evil spells and turn the creepy Beast into a charming young man. To do this, fill out the kisses indicator, but make sure that you are not spotted by either Cogsworth, Lumiere, Miss Popps, or baby Chip. Ahead of you are waiting for five romantic levels. Have a good game!

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