Game Game Kisses: Love Planner online


Game Game Kisses: Love Planner online.

Today Ariel and Eric went for a walk. It was a fine summer day and they decided to go to the river. There, the princess could temporarily turn back into a mermaid and frolic in the water. There the guys met the little mermaid Rapunzel, who swam in the river. Seeing the girl Eric fell in love with her at first sight and all feelings for Ariel disappeared without a trace. The same thing happened with Rapunzel. In the game "Love Planner", you will help a new couple of lovers hide their feelings from the little mermaid. While Ariel plays in the water, Rapunzel and Eric will flirt and flirt with each other. Make sure that they are not caught hot. As soon as the beauty with fiery hair is about to turn around, you need to pretend that nothing is happening. To complete the level, you need to fill out the sympathy indicator before the time runs out. At the next level, Eric and Rapunzel will be kissing and you need to look at both so that Ariel does not notice anything. Good luck

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