Game Minnie Mouse Bakes Chocolate Cake online


Game Minnie Mouse Bakes Chocolate Cake online.

The whole of Mouseville knows that the most delicious pies are baked by the clever and beautiful Minnie Mouse. She has a real gift. Indeed, if you give another hostess the same set of products as Minnie, then the mouse will still turn out to be a masterpiece. In the game "Minnie Mouse Bakes Chocolate Cake", you will create real edible magic in the kitchen with your mouse. To get started, you will go to the grocery store. There you need to choose the products necessary for the recipe: cocoa, flour, baking powder, honey, vanilla extract, eggs, salt and sugar. Then Minnie returns to the kitchen and we start cooking. First you need to cook the dough and the filling. Then we mix it all and put in the oven. As soon as the cake is baked, you can start decorating our culinary masterpiece. Have a good game!

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