Game Mickey: The Magic Brush online


Game Mickey: The Magic Brush online.

A very long time ago, a strong magician created a world called the Wasteland, forgotten and unnecessary cartoon characters live in it. Once darkness and eerie came into this world and the Wasteland became not such a place. The culprit of what happened was the big villain Phantom Blot - this is the villain who brought chaos and destruction to this world. Mickey Mouse was somehow drawn into this world. To Mickey could get out of this world, he needs a brush and a solvent. You can become a real support for Mickey and help him get out of this world. First, consider the map of the Wasteland, on it you will see five places that you will need to pass in order to get out. In each difficulty level you will need to find a certain number of tapes that will help you get out. To open the doors, press the brush to remove them. You can still walk around the city and get confused, but to prevent this from happening just press the reset button.

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