Game Mickey Mouse Game: Night Guests online


Game Mickey Mouse Game: Night Guests online.

Mickey Mouse, along with Minnie and his dog Pluto went on a visit. Mickey decided to introduce friends to his relative from Transylvania, Count Mikula. He lives in an old mansion on the outskirts of a small provincial town. Mickey and his friends arrived on time, because recently a strange thing began to happen in the house of Count Mikula. The relative believes that ghosts have settled in the house and asks for help from his nephew. In the game "Mickey Mouse: Night Guests" you have to stay on top and enter the house. You will explore each room in search of the culprits of night sounds. On each of the five levels, Mickey Mouse must find the treasures of Count Mikula and find the cause of fears behind the door, which is lit by garlands. Turn on the circuit breakers, scare the ghosts, smash the boxes and enjoy exciting adventures with Mickey Mouse. Have a good game!

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