Game Game Homeless Hobo 3: Wanted online


Game Game Homeless Hobo 3: Wanted online.

After a successful escape from the homeless prison, Hobo returned to his favorite place - a landfill. Having no time to rest, he again has to get into a fight with the police, because now he is wanted and posters with his photo are hanging all over the city. If earlier Hobo could calmly wander around the city, now everything has become much worse. Each citizen will be able to identify the criminal and call the police. And so, the adventures of Hobo continue, he is free again and is ready to show all his rage and anger. Who will win, a dirty homeless person or local gangs together with the police? Take Hobo under your control and start a real war! Thanks to previous adventures, you got a whole bunch of tricks, a trick with eyes, booty and others. Beware of enemies with weapons, they can shoot you at a distance. Beat all the people you see, because they all dislike the homeless. The further you advance, the more difficult the game becomes. Use different objects that you see on the street and learn new abilities. Show who is in charge in this city. Good luck

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