Game Game Homeless Hobo 5: Space Fights online


Game Game Homeless Hobo 5: Space Fights online.

The funny story of Homeless Hobo continues. After a real war, he went into space, where he was captured by real aliens and began to conduct various studies on him and set up experiments. First of all, they erased his memory, and with it all his abilities. Fortunately, Hobo managed to break free and now he is angry in earnest. Wander around the laboratory and destroy the filthy alien monsters, train and remember super punches to become a strong and brave fighter again. Move further and further to kill everyone who is on this alien ship. These filthy creatures have already managed to clone the homeless and now you have to fight with your clones, but you cannot replace the true Hobo, all his clones are much slower and weaker than him. Use surrounding objects for throws, as well as alien weapons. Homeless Hobo must win even in space!

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