Game Game Homeless Hobo 1: Beginning online


Game Game Homeless Hobo 1: Beginning online.

On one of the city dumps, an ordinary tramp lived, homeless and lonely. He wandered through the streets of the city, collected garbage, bottles and some alms like a real homeless man, and his name was Hobo. Once evil policemen came to him in a landfill and pointed to a sign that prohibits being in a city landfill, and one of them even hit Khobo with a club. Then our bum got very angry at the policeman and punched him with his fists as it should. After that, his adventures began, he left the landfill and went out into the streets of the city, where there were many random people. They all did not like homeless people, so they rushed to mock him, tried to hit and hurt. Then Hobo got even more angry and started pounding everyone in a row. The game has an atmosphere of hatred and anger, each fight takes place in a tense atmosphere. You can beat enemies with your hands, feet, spit in their faces, and even throw various objects at them, such as bottles or garbage cans. Do whatever you want to earn respect and fear in the eyes of the inhabitants of this city. Help the homeless Hobo establish his order in this city. Go ahead, for you there are no prohibitions and boundaries, destroy everything in your path and discover more and more new abilities!

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