Game Game Homeless Hobo 2: In Prison online


Game Game Homeless Hobo 2: In Prison online.

Continuation of the legendary adventures of the homeless Hobo. This time he was jailed and now he needs to get out into the wild at any cost. Police should regret having caught this tramp on the street. Once during lunch, Hobo managed to arrange a real fight. Beat the prisoners, because they are all against you. After that, the guards and a bunch of police will come running to you. Hobo will have to beat them all properly. You can use for striking everything that comes to hand, a chair, a bottle and more. You can at least spit on the enemy’s face, at least use indecent tricks - you can do anything, you’re a bum. Wander around the prison from room to room and throw cool messes and fights. There will be cameras at every step through which the police keep order, so be prepared to meet them at any moment. As you progress through the homeless game, Hobo will learn new abilities, now he can feel sick, or even worse. Continue the escape and enjoy the game with the fun and brutal Hobo!

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