Game Game Night Adventure online


Game Game Night Adventure online.

Mordecai and Rigby got sick again. They accidentally released a collection of old Pops fireflies. Pops got depressed, and Benson just tore metal. He threatened to fire the guys and they quickly found a way out. Mordecai and Rigby set off to look for new fireflies. At night, they sailed to the center of the river and began hunting. In the game "Night Adventure" you have to catch as many fireflies as possible for the Pops collection. This must be done before the night lasts. You need to run Rigby into the sky for fireflies, and then catch. For the caught insects, you will earn points that can be exchanged for one of four lotions: make the night longer, make Murdoch or Rigby faster, or increase the glow of the fireflies. But remember that you are not alone. Monsters live in the depths of the river, and night watch - bats fly in the sky. It will be a very long night .... Have a good game!

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