Game Normal Cartoon: Magic Broom online


Game Normal Cartoon: Magic Broom online.

So the long-awaited holiday Halloween has come! Mordecai and Rigby were walking along the street dotted with children dressed as monsters. And then Rigby stopped and began to examine with interest the object on the ground. It seems to be an ordinary broom, but it seems to be an Internet. Strange she is some kind of she. Before Rigby had time to take her, she took off with the raccoon and took him directly to the country of Halloween. In the game "Normal Cartoon: Magic Broom", you have to help get Rigby out of the country of a nightmare. In the left corner there will be a map and you will know your location. Collect candies to earn maximum bonus points. Also, pick up smiling pumpkins for speed. But beware of discouraging pumpkins, because they will slow you down. Beware of bats. They will close the screen. Good luck and have a nice flight!

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