Game Normal Cartoon: Street Fighter online


Game Normal Cartoon: Street Fighter online.

Tremble enemies! A new street fighter has appeared in the city. And his name is Mordecai. He will have to do a lot of work to clean up the city. After all, the city is teeming with various villains and criminals. Fierce villains in clown masks seized the entire street territory of the city and staged mass atrocities. They beat and rob people, destroy urban property and loot. But when Mordecai takes up the matter, all the villains are chilled with horror. In the game "Normal Cartoon: Street Fighter", you will destroy the criminals. Combine blows and movements to use super blows and inflict fatal damage to enemies. Beat the enemy without stopping. But do not forget to monitor your health, otherwise you will lose. It is also worth remembering that a super strike with wings takes away your vital energy. So, do not be zealous with this attack. Have a good game!

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