Game Normal Cartoon: Mordecai on Skate online


Game Normal Cartoon: Mordecai on Skate online.

One of the main characters in the movie "Normal Cartoon", Murdochai loves extreme sports. And his favorite pastime is skateboarding. In this case, he is simply a master. As you might have guessed, in the game "Normal Cartoon", you have to master the skateboard. I think you will like to ride on a skateboard, all gaining and gaining speed. You will make dizzying jumps and jump over concrete pipes, propane cylinders and cross flimsy suspension bridges. Beware of thorns, puddles and abysses. If you fall on them, then the life indicator of Murdoch will decrease. But if this already happened, then you should collect a few hearts so that the health of the jay returns to normal. Have a good game!

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