Game Normal Cartoon: Collect Garbage online


Game Normal Cartoon: Collect Garbage online.

Mordecai and Rigby received a new assignment from Benson. By the way, not the most pleasant task. They will have to remove all the garbage in the park. Yeah, tedious work. But it was not there. A spatial hole arose in the park, from which demonic lawn mowers and vicious horses climbed out. They now and then want to attack Rigby and Mordecai. To start the game "Collect Garbage", you should choose a character - Rigby or Mordecai. And then the fun begins. You will need to collect garbage to get to the next level. Dodge enemies and traps. If you hit a hole, then go back by clicking on the field with the mouse. Collect balls and stink bombs to neutralize the enemy for a while. And if you grab a bonus with the image of Skip - a mighty three hundred year old gorilla, then he will come and stun absolutely all enemies. Have a good game!

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