Game Normal Cartoon: Dance of Fate online


Game Normal Cartoon: Dance of Fate online.

In the game "Dance of Fate", you will find yourself in a mysterious castle. As it turned out, Skip made his way here to find and neutralize the villain Klorgbeyn - the Destroyer. Clorgbein is a magical baby - a demon in a diaper that Skip fights every 157 years. So, as Klorgbein wants to destroy Skip and take the land from the Sentinels. Skip made his way to the villain's family castle and wants to find him. You have to go through the game and go around all the obstacles in your path. The skip will go on its own and automatically wave its fist. At the beginning of the level you will have three lives. On the way, you will collect coins. Indeed, for them, you can buy yourself a lot of useful abilities and skills in the local lotion shop. Most importantly, beware of monsters and various monsters that scurry around the castle. In addition to everything, traps are placed throughout the house, so be careful. Good luck

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